Special plate

So here’s a lunch lesson for you. Spoon for lunch today. Everything on the menu is $8 or $9. Special today, server says, is a Panang curry with two large prawns. Sounds good, says I, and my lunch colleague agrees. At one point she comes back and says, “it’s coming — takes a while.” Eventually  (cue Psycho shower-scene music here)

They were actually much larger than they look here. Like 6 or 8 inches long, I would guess.

Kind of embarrassing for lunch, right? but beautiful, and oh so tasty. At least what I could extract from the shell, which was not quite half of it. I needed to use my fingers, and that just wouldn’t have done at a business lunch.  During which the conversation was long and enjoyable, but eventually we had to move on and ask for the check (more Psycho music) …

… $64!

The moral of the story? Just order the veggie plate. Oh, and always ask the price on the special.


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