Sun in my belly

veggie plate of sorts: 3 sides, $9, at Sun in My Belly



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2 responses to “Sun in my belly

  1. I can’t really tell what anything is, but it looks fantastic!

  2. BDay

    orecchiette pasta with tomato and pesto, edamame salad (ginger, sesame), roasted beet-goat cheese-couscous. And looking at this photo, I have to note that they were in little ramekins, not nearly as big as they look here.

    Forgot to take a picture, but Friday I had a trio at
    Portofino. Tomato-mozzarella-pesto, farro and grilled veggie salad, and celery root slaw. Because I didn’t know what farro is (sort of like rice or barley) and had never had celery root (like a tough bamboo shoot. The dressing was delicious: fennel, I think)

    Just going to show I can find a veggie plate on any menu.

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