Worth waiting for

I have this great little burst of domesticity that very interestingly commenced when both my children exited the scene for a week of camp.

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There is peach cobbler. There is blackberry cobbler. And then there is peach-blackberry cobbler.



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4 responses to “Worth waiting for

  1. very beautiful pies! where did you get those huge blackberries ?

  2. Frieda

    I think it’s in the Fox Hills Covenants that you “must share culinary accomplishment samples with your neighbors on Pheasant Circle.” Just sayin’.

  3. BDay

    Kyle, I was in Oregon when the BBs here were ripe, and of course they weren’t that big. These came from this great huge place on the way to Toccoa called Jaemor Farms. Where I got most of the other veggies, too.

    Frieda, you and Paige should stop Saturday for a peach-strawberry swirl ice cream and some more blackberries. In fact, if you bring me some blackberries and a handful of peaches, I’ll make y’all a cobbler when I get back Monday night.

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