A 2-veggie-plate week!

Banner headline: Beth scores two vegetable plates in one workweek!

A mid-morning meeting over at the AU Center can only mean one thing … Busy Bee for lunch.

Uncle Ben's and gravy, black-eyed peas, turnip greens, okra. $9.50 at Busy Bee Cafe.

Yes, the okra was slimey and the turnips a little tired. And I think the price has gone up since I was last there a year ago. But let me tell you folks … there is no better cornbread in the land. Slightly sweet with a crunchy fried exterior. I even had sweet tea for once.

Even more fun, The Twenty-Something had her first veggie plate (she ain’t from around here), though she made me crop her out of the picture. She’s the most social networking-averse Twenty Something there is.

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2 responses to “A 2-veggie-plate week!

  1. Jeff

    Test 1, 2, 3……..Good afternoon.

  2. Jeff

    This all looks good to me! especially the cornbread. Just need some texas pete on the greens though!

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