One-word summer book reviews

Since I seem to be incapable of posting anything other than silly photos here in the Bubble, I thought I’d experiment with a new format for telling you about the pile of contemporary popular fiction I’ve I’ve plowed through this summer. Here are my lazy, one-word assessments …

Life of Pi: “Disturbing”

The Help: “Meh”

Anthill: “Enthralling”
(Well, the ant part in the middle, anyway. The people parts before and after? “Plodding”)

Not quite finished …

The Lacuna: “Frieda”

The Secret Life of Bees (audiobook): “Hamlet?”

Much more I’d like to share, but we live in a fast-paced world, you know, so one word should be sufficient.

Got any concise evaluations of your own recent reading you want to share? I’m going to be about ready to start re-reading Faulkner or Woolf after all these pageturners.



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2 responses to “One-word summer book reviews

  1. Frieda Brown

    OK, my curiousity is piqued by “The Lacuna” one-word review.

    • BDay

      It’s Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel. Mallory gave it to me and it’s very good. Frieda Kahlo is a major character, in an off-stage sort of way. The story is told through the archives/journal of the main character, a (fictional) writer who worked for Diego Rivera, Frieda Kahlo and Lev Trotsky as a cook and secretary. I will finish it in the next few days if you want to borry it.

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