New words (PG-13)

Choad: A short, fat penis. Specifically, I understand, one that is wider than it is long. Is that possible? And aren’t you glad I didn’t include a photo? Attribution: all the young boys seem to know this one. Perhaps it’s a particular horror.

To cut a chogie: To execute a shortcut, according to our newbestfriend Jeff.  Here’s a very interesting etymological piece that takes it back to the Korean War as a term for hurrying up.

Spizzerinctum:  Chutzpah, guts, nerve, backbone. Determination, ardor, zeal. As in Frieda’s Facebook post, “You really sang with “spizzerinctum!”

Humph. Sounds like a cross between sphincter and rectum, with a little sizzle thrown in for good measure. I bet we can come up with a better definition here.

In case of shart, take these away with you to college, or your backpacking summer in Europe or ... ? Available in generic Publix brand.

Shart: Something between s*it and fa*t. Special thanks to the White Sisters for this one. My question … Is it like trying to sh*t and only farting? Or is it like farting and accidentally leaving bacon strips in your whitey tighties?

Fire. An emerging term for “cool.” Uttered frequently by one 15-year-old Max, and defined for me by a 20-year-old Max as a term out of pot-smoking culture.

Hotter than the hinges of hell. Important to make two syllables out of hay-yell. Attribution Dick, who didn’t realize maybe that it was hotter in ATL than JAX.



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8 responses to “New words (PG-13)

  1. Warren

    A shart is a fart in which you poop your pants.

  2. Jeff

    LOL!……I knew the words shart & choads. But haven’t heard of the other words. However sphincter has been a long time fav wore for me. “Yo sphincter say what?”

  3. Jeff

    oops, word for me.

  4. …….. School NEEDS to start at the Day-Lawson house. Beth has had quite enough testosterone.

  5. and I am going to claim expert status here and say that the answer is .. NO.

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