I’m willing to admit there may be a slight chance I’m just a tad obsessed.

People are having chemo, ruptured discs, foot surgery, etc. So I’m cooking.

squash, green beans, lady peas, okra & tomatoes

And I also made pound cakes, and the damned cookies for my sister, and brown rice, because tomorrow I’m making broccoli-cauliflower casserole. Somehow or another. And I suppose this meal needs some cornbread, doesn’t it?



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8 responses to “I’m willing to admit there may be a slight chance I’m just a tad obsessed.

  1. who is getting chemo , now?
    who has the bad back?
    and the feet?

    are lady peas what I call field peas?

    gardens are not putting out up here this year , at all…. not the first tomato, just squash.

    • BDay

      You don’t know most of these folks. Carolyne’s back.

      Lady peas are smaller and greener, and fresher tasting, than field peas. Teeny tiny.

      I had a few tomatoes where we cut down the trees last year and am going to build a bed this fall and see what happens. Mostly, I want to grow some chard and beets, thanks to you, because I can’t get them good in the store here.

      • Jeff

        Man that looks good! Yes, cornbread! My back, feet, arms, all hurt………

        We received several GA tomatoes several days ago from my father-in-law. They were bright red and I have eaten my share of tomato sandwiches.

  2. Lyta

    Hey, I feel your obsession. I’m so on THAT access road that I almost got bitten by a black widow in my quest to get the best tomatoes to make bruschetta for my cousin’s wake. Which I think was nature’s way of saying “You’re way too obsessed.”

    • BDay

      Did it open its mouth and decide not to bite you? where was this?

      • Lyta

        No, it did not open its mouth and decide not to bite me. I just happened to pick up the tomato in such a way that I didn’t actually touch the spider, thankfully. It was in the tomato patch of a man down the road that sells fruits and vegetables. He said it was too hot for him to “pick them tomatahs” and let me do it myself. So much for do it yourself.

  3. jane

    obsessed/driven. get over the vegies. move onto soups.

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