A proper feedin’

Baked mac and cheese, broccoli casserole, turnip greens, sweet potatoes, jalapeno cornbread. Carver's Grocery and Country Kitchen, $7.95.

Finally lunched today at Carver’s Kitchen. I’m declaring it the best veggie plate since I don’t know when. Everything on the plate was good. (The jalapeno cornbread was not to my taste, but I shouldn’t have ordered it.) And huge portions: enough of it for $7.95 to make two full meals.

Let’s start with the macaroni and cheese — baked, folks, like it oughta be. Turnip greens served in a bowl with potlikker, very tasty and somehow sweet. Alison used pepper sauce but I thought they were good without it. I asked what was good for my other two selections and chose the broccoli casserole and sweet potatoes from the handful he named. Wow. The broccoli was fresh, baked with just a little sour cream and probably a little Campbell’s cream of something, then a buttery cracker or potato chip topping. Most excellent. But the surprise of the day was those sweet potatoes. It takes a lot of dark brown sugar and winter spices to make sweet potatoes that brown. Must’ve had some vanilla, too, because they tasted like a nice oatmeal cookie — even though they weren’t cloying at all. Absolutely delicious. I couldn’t keep myself from finishing the broccoli but brought home enough of the others to make a nice supper.

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A few other details … Paper towel roll on the tables. Chicken breast called “Dolly Pardon.” (And yes, I know that’s not the correct spelling.) They looked huge and crispy. Need to get Dan in there.  Big line even before noon, and everybody sits together at the folding tables all friendly like. And a few aisles of grocery, with a convenience-store style checkout.


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