I (really do) love a parade!

The East Cobber Parade is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Because I know all of you can’t be at the best parade in America, I have thoughtfully documented this celebration of suburban-ness for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I may have told you before, gentle readers, that when Cynthia first proposed a parade to create a sense of community in East Cobb, I pshawed her. The ‘burbs are the antitheses of community, right? Well, at the East Cobber Parade you’ll see your neighbors, every kid your kid ever played ball with, your principals and teachers, your local elected officials (and candidates) … every Cub Scout troop and dance team has its spot, and it’s not uncommon at all for folks to be torn between which group they will march with. It truly does bring our ‘burb together.

The Twilight Twirlers are always a big hit …

This was — wow! — the 15th year. Congratulations, Cynthia, and thanks for doing this for us.

Wheeler Pride chooses the best song for a parade that fell on 9/11 this year …

And if you’re like me and just can’t get enough marching band, here’s the drumline …

One note: All this happy ended in a bit of a freakout when one of the band kids went down with severe dehydration and heat exhaustion at the end of the parade. That child was very, very sick, and it took the paramedics a while to get there. We had to tend to two others who were feeling woozy, too. a) Bands should be able to march in T-shirts if it’s above 85 degrees. b) When they tell you to drink lots of water, do it. That heat stroke is some scary stuff.



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4 responses to “I (really do) love a parade!

  1. Frieda Brown

    Wait! You mean I didn’t get Mother of the Year?

  2. Mallory Lehn

    Thanks for posting this! I wore my I heart East Cobb t-shirt Saturday and thought about y’all. Miss you.

  3. Lyta Norman

    Great slideshow, Beth. I am genu-winely impressed.

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