Words I’ve collected while I’ve been not-blogging

Ephebophilia. A word I learned while Bishop Eddie Long was in the news.

GobSmacked. Smacked-in-the-mouth astounded. Did Lane say this on Mad Men?

Freemium: The boys at (Atlanta-based) MailChimp tell the story of their business model. It works. Have I mentioned here how much I love the MailChimp?

Ignoratio elenchi: As dropped by the Rev. Dechant on FB, a red herring or non sequiter of sorts. Often the state of public discourse today. “The ignoratio elenchi is most effective in political contexts where oral arguments are being given. Many listeners in such a context are easily distracted.”

And to keep you up on the lingo of the pre-adult crowd, here are a few I’ve picked up along the way …

SHUT the front door! (maybe you have to hear this one to get it) From one of the Gnome Girls’ daughter.

Legit: Cool. Awesome, even.

Sick: Cool. Awesome, even.

Beast: Cool, awesome. Very good.

Krispy (which seems to be a bit more legit than crispy): Describing one’s fresh style and unique swagger. As in, Chrispy Sywak. Who seems, come to think of it, the antithesis of swagger.)

Sophies: OK, I see it’s actually Soffe. The short shorts the tuba players wore to all-day practice last weekend.



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2 responses to “Words I’ve collected while I’ve been not-blogging

  1. David Doke

    “Sweet like the juice of a tangerine, fresh like a box of the Krispy Kremes.” – Beastie Boys

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