Multi-instrumentalist Warren Lawson

Can you say, "living vicariously through your children?" And did I mention what a talented eye Tom has for photos? (photo by Tom)

I have been genu-winely impressed with Warren this week. The kid has played three instruments in three different concerts, plus at least three rehearsals and an honor band audition.

He plays tuba and euphonium and bass guitar and a little piano, too. Last year he decided to pick up drums and bass trombone and taught himself how. This year he started taking orchestra as well as band at school so that he could learn to play the great big string bass, and after just 5 months got paid real money to play it in a church Christmas concert Sunday night. (Well, OK, Frieda was the one who paid him… but still.) About halfway through the semester he started skipping lunch every other day so he could go to an extra band class where he gets to play trombone.

I cannot for the life of me keep up with which instrument he’s playing in what concert. But let’s see … in the past two weeks he’s played in band wind ensemble and symphonic band, beginning and philharmonia orchestra, plus the church guest orchestra. Practice has already started for spring jazz band and funk ensemble. He organized a group of low brass players to go play in Tuba Christmas at Underground Atlanta. And every now and again he and two of his friends get together to jam for an as-yet-unnamed band.

I do realize how unbecoming it is for a mother to brag about her kids. That’s not my intention, and I have actually omitted the braggy stuff.

I’m just really awed that he can do all of this. How cool must it be to be able to make all that music? And how lucky are we that our kids can learn music this well in public school? We bought him piano lessons for a few years when he was little, and a few guitar lessons. (Add one more: he can play regular electric guitar a little, too.) But the rest of it has come from school. I have never even had to buy him a band instrument!

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I did a lousy job of taking pictures this week. A shot of the back of my van with both a tuba and a string bass in it — that happened several times this week — would have been the one to have.

^Great tune. Serious toobah.



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7 responses to “Multi-instrumentalist Warren Lawson

  1. Jeff

    Good morning. I really enjoyed reading about your Son’s musical talents. That’s pretty awesome Beth. Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

  2. For the record, I’m Warren’s biggest fan!

  3. Pat Scott

    Beth, I thought my grandchildren were talented!…. Wow, who does he get it from? You must be so proud. Pat

  4. Butler

    Happy 16th birthday Warren!

  5. Sarah

    Way to go! Wow! Makes me proud to be related to this group!!

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