Has it only been 24 hours? Feels like a week.

Tom, buried.

Cook breakfast, feed kids, clean up. Kids go play in snow. Deep breath and go back to work. Look out the window. Here come The Bigs. Stuff dryer. Find lounge pants and Tshirts. Cook, feed clean up. Sort clothes out of dryer. Look for shoes that will fit Max (good luck with that). Heave a big sigh. Go back to work. Out the window: Here come The Littles. Activate dryer. Pop popcorn. More apple cider.  Break up wrestling match. Find more gloves, hats, socks, shoes. Bigs come in and want tomato soup and grilled cheese. “I’m not cooking for you — eat what you can put in the microwave! And clean up after yourself!” Right.  More iterations of same… it’s all a blur.

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Next, as soon as I find my phone with the pictures: What I Cooked During the Snow-Induced Domestic Burst of Energy.



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3 responses to “snOMG!

  1. Erma Bombeck got rich off of this, keep writing….and it does look like a lot of fun, ( for them, I mean )

  2. Jeff

    Thanks for sharing Beth….it does look like a lot of fun (for them)….LOL. The food pics look good too.

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