It’s melting! It’s melting…!

Day whatever. I’ve lost count. I haven’t seen a car slide back down the big hill here all day. Every now and again I’ll hear a big sheet of ice slide off the roof.

Thursday, 2 pm. It is melting.

Driveway, still treacherous. I suppose I should send one of these teens out with a shovel.

3:30 pm: Cobb schools closed again Friday. That makes a 10-day weekend for these kids. They’ve tired of roaming in big hordes, though, and have started keeping more limited company. The ones who don’t live in the ‘hood have actually gone home. And I had a productive day of work today.

Happy snowed-in 16!

This is your life, Warren Lawson. Either that, or a deranged cheerleader exploded in your kitchen.


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One response to “It’s melting! It’s melting…!

  1. Lyta Norman

    I dig the groovy party decorations. Especially Pikachu.

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