not! red velvet cake

For their 4th-annual combined birthday party, Warren and Max requested red velvet cake.

I learned years ago from an astute mother of triplets that red velvet cake is craved by hyper boys (and girls). Kids who are already bouncy just love to get some of that Red Dye No. 40 in their systems so they can go really berserk. Max and Warren admitted to inviting 60 — which means they actually told more. You think I was going to put 3 bottles of red dye into a sheet cake? Hay-yell, no!

But I had beets in the house, so I figured it would be no problem. Here’s how that went…

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I used this recipe, I think. They all looked pretty much the same, with varying amounts of cocoa and red dye. I added a little sugar to the beet juice, so when I tasted it there was no hint of earthiness, just sweet.

People thought it was great even though it wasn’t red. I didn’t think it was anything special. Here’s the odd thing. It didn’t have any spices at all, but because of the color, it somehow tasted like spice cake.

I have personally never understood the attraction to red velvet cake. I think the people whose eyes light up when they talk about it (“I *love! red velvet cake!”) must be the ones who get high off the dye.



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2 responses to “not! red velvet cake

  1. Jane

    I have made several Red Velvet Cakes. I use the Lee brother’s recipe and tweek it by adding a little more cocoa powder and orange zest. You would LOVE their cookbook. It is ab/fab.

    I think the reason the beet juice turned brown is related to the ph of the cake batter. When using beet juice to dye hair, cloth, or even egg shells, vinegar is added to raise the ph of the solution.

  2. I love it when Jane is all smart! ( and I thought there was a little vinegar in RVC’s) AND I need to learn how to do slide shows like you do… does Blogger have this as an option ?

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