My kids (and their pals) make me laugh so hard

Our little spring break of a weekend drove everybody outside yesterday. Who says kids don’t come up with some interesting stuff to do anymore?

The Littles were looking off my office deck into the back of the truck and said.. hey, can we roll down the hill in the back of that trashcan? They were thinking the big road, but after a brief discussion about barrels and Niagara Falls, Tom grabbed an old hockey helmet and I let them try it down a little incline. But they soon decided to move operations to the bigger hill out back, the former site of the winter leafboarding tournament. (Watch for the fleeting Cubbie sightings.)

Meanwhile, The Bigs were gathering in the cul-de-sac to go “tarp surfing.” They put all their stuff in a little red wagon and dragged it up to the school parking lot, where they failed to take any video. But Warren’s girl is a fabulous photog…

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One response to “My kids (and their pals) make me laugh so hard

  1. Lolli

    Very cool! Now I get it! Thanks for sharing bDay!! : ) Reminds me of when we were little and doing all these kindsa things!! BIG FUN!!

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