With all the lifted toilet seats in my house, you’d think I could find me a yardman

I devised a new strategy.

After Amy's little tiller (see it there?) did its job

I’m tired of complaining that I can’t grow veggies here — and I’m sure anyone who knows me is sick of hearing it, too. Hell, we’ve lived in this house almost 20 years.

What if I plant early-season things, it occurred to me, that will get in much of their growing season before the leaves come out on the trees in early to mid-April? I see no freeze in the 10-day forecast, at least. I’ve been watching this spot out my office window, where we cut down the trees a year and a half ago, and I think I can get 5 or 6 hours of sun in parts of it.

So I ordered spinach and beets and cabbage and chard. Seeds. I’ve never grown a-one of these things, and neither did my mother. Doubt either of my grandfathers ever did spinach or chard, either.

I had this one weekend with nothing scheduled, and it turned out to be beautiful, so I got out just before noon to get going. Dan caught me dragging scrap lumber out from under the house to use to level out the spot, didn’t like that, and decided to live up to Lyta’s praise for him.   I warned him that this whole thing may be folly, but he went to HomeyD and built me a proper frame.

I did get Tom to dig out one boulder, and hauled Warren and a few friends  out of the street to move it, but I’ve got some stumps someone needs to help me with. Because the tree guys spread a heapin helpin of chipped-up tree, on top of what was loamy woods already, the dirt is very dark and soft. I dug out all the rocks and roots, then headed to handy Amy’s to borrow her tiller.

When I saw the thing I almost laughed. A teeny attachment to a weed wacker. Wheels/till  maybe 6-8 inches across. Nothing like the big two-handled tractor things I’m accustomed to. But let me tell you, it did the job! Took me about 20 (exhausting) minutes to dig up the patch.

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Tomorrow, I’ll mix in my wheelbarrow of compost and a bag or so of Darleen’s chicken whacky. And put those pretty little seeds in and see what happens. Stay tuned …


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5 responses to “With all the lifted toilet seats in my house, you’d think I could find me a yardman

  1. it looks beautiful.. but, arent you supposed to start the seeds in starter cups and then put the plants in the ground??

    • BDay

      That’s what I’ve done before with tomatoes and such, but these packages say to plant them in the ground. I don’t have time (or light) to start them in the house. So here goes!

  2. Lyta Norman

    Spinach and kale and chard, oh my! Sounds like a good plan to me. And see, Dan helped, too.

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