Day 1: This is worse than I thought it would be

I knew that they would be doing this at some point this week but didn’t think it would happen the first day. I thought Day 1 was for bathroom demolition, but they got ahead of themselves…

Came home at 7 pm after a late meeting, groceries in tow, to a muddy kitchen floor and nastiness from the ceiling/floor above. They’ve gone ahead and opened up the kitchen ceiling and wall where they need to get to the plumbing during this whole thing.

Hello, cast-iron plumbing and 40 years of nastiness!

the view directly above my kitchen sink. seriously.

So what am I supposed to do with all this produce I need to wash? In fact, why did I buy produce at all?

After mopping the floor and putting away the groceries, all evening I would wipe off the counter, then turn around and it would be covered with stuff that had fallen out of the ceiling. I have sort of a counter-wiping thing, so this is a battle I really do not need to engage.

Light above the kitchen sink is gone. And — eek! — they had had to move all my stuff out of my kitchen window, including my finger puppets. I don’t know where their new home will be.

So the bathrooms are down to shells:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plumber comes today. I think they will start replacing all the old cast-iron pipe with plastic stuff, and I suppose put in the shower/tub stems.

Meanwhile, I have to finish tile choices for the kids’ bathroom because tile guy is coming Thursday — and I really don’t know what I’m going to do in there. Who knew that Home Depot closes at 9 pm? I found out just after I walked in there last night at 8:56.

Did I mention that Dan’s out of town this week? Hey, at least it’s one fewer guy peeing in my toilet.

Also, I am giving in on the counter/vanity tops in the bathrooms and using that awful fake marble stuff. Brian the Builder doesn’t want me to use Formica (which I love, shoot me), says it doesn’t last. Because you don’t have to buy a sink, the fake marble comes out a good bit cheaper, and I’m putting the money into the kitchen counters because Dan and the kids don’t care.

Here is the manly tile for Dan’s bathroom. I like it. And it’s about $250 total — pretty good for that cheap, right?

Lessons from today…

1. Keep your remodel to 1 floor at a time. They are on all three floors of our house this week, since they’re dealing with plumbing. Which leaves no sanctuary for my special-needs child, the terrified Cubbie, who spent the day locked in my office watching the guys carry tile and terlets out to the truck.

2. Just get it done. I have had a year to pick all this stuff, thought I was doing pretty good and — boom! — here I am in crisis mode needing an emergency trip to HomeyD tonight.

3. Love thy builder. Brian the Builder is a Class A Good Guy. I have no reservations about him or his co-workers being in my house. I know from past experience (he built the addition) that if he messes something up he will fix it. I have ultimate confidence in his integrity.



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2 responses to “Day 1: This is worse than I thought it would be

  1. Lyta Norman

    What I want to know is…how the hell did they get that tub down the stairs? And I like the tile for Dan’s bathroom, manly indeed.

    • BDay

      They busted it up with a sledgehammer and took it down in pieces. (No other word but busted will work in this case, agreed?)

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