Day 2: I should have packed up the kitchen last week

On a happy note, Take 3 on the cabinet color is almost there. Maybe just a few more drops of red?

I have tried to involve the kids in all this planning. (OK, I’m also doing it for the moral support.) Tom wants bold, wild colors in his bathroom — “some pizzazz,” he said. Warren wants plain black and white so he doesn’t have to deal with color decisions. Can you tell they are both Spawn of BDay? Consensus builder that I am, last night I suggested black-and-white permanent stuff (tile, floor, counter) with outrageous color for wall paint, pictures, rugs, even cabinet. Heads were shaken on both sides of the aisle.

If anyone wants to help me figure out a cheap way to make the kids’ bathroom fabulous and please both of them, call me now. The builder expects it when he arrives Wednesday morning. I will probably be at Lowe’s at that time, because Home Depot was no help last night.

Lessons …

Remodeling stinks. A dirty metallic sweaty smell. Rust, I think. I suppose from ripping out the nasty old pipes. Which means that some parts of those pipes or their rusty contents are in my house. I keep wiping it off the counters and it just comes right back.

Be ahead of the builder. I didn’t expect that the kitchen would be impacted this much until the bathrooms were finished. But it’s too nasty to be preparing meals in here, really. I should have moved the kitchen into the basement last weekend, and now it may be next weekend before I can get to it.

All-new plumbing on Day 2


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One response to “Day 2: I should have packed up the kitchen last week

  1. Lyta Norman

    I love the cabinet color…shiny.

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