Day 3: Can this day get any worse?

Tom says he saw a bunch of these on Shadowlawn, so maybe it wasn't a stoner painter at HomeyD.

I started the day with it raining in the kitchen and ended it with a razor blade in my tire in the Home Depot parking lot.

Rain because somehow the bathroom pipes vent into the roof and when they worked on them the day before it wiggled some sort of seal loose. Why bathroom pipes are on the roof I have no clue.

Home Depot parking lot because I had to make second trip of the day, to finish tile selections, check on a toilet for Dan, and return a few things. Whilst sitting in the parking lot going through my receipts, a guy knocks on my window and says, “You have a really bad flat tire — I can hear the air whistling out of it.”

Meanwhile, the tub is in, the water line is moved, and after a marathon session with samples last night, the tile for the kids’ bathroom is chosen! Including this fun bit: how’s that for pizzazz in black and white?


Things go wrong. Rain comes in the house. Toilets that are sitting in your garage don’t work because — surprise! — This Old House requires a 10-inch rough. Which has to be ordered. And it was a bad Home Depot day (ending with the razor blade): One faucet had a broken stem. One had two pieces missing. And HD loaded the wrong tub (right -handed instead of left-handed) into the builder’s truck. All 3 had to be swapped.

Don’t be democratic. Engaging the kids in the bathroom design made it take 4 times as long. Tom is now a budding tile designer — with some pretty wild ideas and a penchant for sketching them out. Warren? He says he’s “over it.”

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