Mostly all good

Tile’s pretty much finished. Now I’m just second guessing a few of the details.

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Just have to talk with the builder about what to do for all these unfinished edges. And decide if I want to regrout the marble floor tile with a lighter color. I chose that beadboard vanity cabinet before I knew how busy the floor would be, and the gray grout makes it even worse.



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3 responses to “Mostly all good

  1. Jane

    I love the grey grout. It all looks beautiful.

  2. jennofark

    I like the grey grout too. If you go lighter, it will show dirt within a few years. I think the “busyness” may come from the vanity color being different from both colors of tile & grout, which highlights all the lines on the beadboard, so you’ve got lots of lines there combined with lots of lines on the floor. If you painted it out to match one of those colors in the tile or grout, the lines on the vanity would be less noticeable. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to paint than it is to take up grout & re-grout the floor.

    But I also think it doesn’t really bother me and probably wouldn’t be all that noticeable to someone who’s walking in and using the bathroom. You took this shot while standing in the tub, right? Most of the time no one would see the vanity from that angle. Does it still look too “busy” to you when you’re just inside the doorway from the hall?

    • BDay

      I picked the beadboard when I thought we would have a sort of plain ol’ black and white bathroom, before my experiment in democratic decorating with teen boys. The color is actually very good, but I wish I didn’t have the beadboard center panels — may ask CabinetMan what it would cost to change them. Like you say, it’s really not that big a deal.

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