Living with boys

“Tom already called first poop.”  This is what Warren said when I told him the plumber was at home installing the toilet and faucets. This is the world I live in, folks.

Dan still has no terlet. I had to pay $411 to special order it today because of that 10-inch rough thing.



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4 responses to “Living with boys

  1. EATS SHOOTS AND LEAVES….. really Beth, you are killing me….

    • BDay

      It was a spur-of-the-moment setup, and I’m glad you caught it. That’s actually how they talk about this stuff… 12-inch rough is standard. Butler adn Terri had the same problem, but theirs was bigger: 14-inch. Dan’s was 10-inch.

      But not a hyphen error, I don’t think. That’s the way HomeyD and The Builder talk about it, as if “rough” was the noun, being modified by a properly hyphenated compound adjective.

      I’m learning a lot. Yesterday I learned all about the differences in hardwood floors. I was leaning toward bamboo until the eastern European floor expert told me it was cheap not because it’s sustainable but because it comes from China, where “they eat a spoonful of rice, they work. That’s why it’s cheap.”

  2. Jane

    Post some “after” pictures of the bathrooms and kitchen.

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