Why I didn’t go to my class reunion

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Facebook ruined it for me. You think I want to go stand in a room with a bunch of people I’ve deleted and ignored, when I’ve already caught up with the folks I care about? Nope.

I have never missed one until now —  always enjoyed getting to know some folks I didn’t hang out with in high school and catching up with those I did.

But now Facebook introduces me to anyone who happened to graduate the same year I did, and I think that was about 625. There are some of them I’ve enjoyed becoming acquainted with. But at some point I wised up and quit accepting friend requests from random high school associations and started actively ignoring and deleting them. The Sarah Palin page and some band called called Beloved are a sure sign to hit the delete button.


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One response to “Why I didn’t go to my class reunion

  1. Jeff

    Hahaha…..I just saw this. Too funny (VM page)……people and their fb profile pics and info pages…..makes for some good laughs for sure.

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