Tweeking and trolling through the weekend

I have such a backlog of new words. Here are two from this week.

That South Park kid who's all hopped up because his parents own a coffee shop, and who is the source of Jaffner's beloved Underpants Trolls ... I mean Gnomes? His name is Tweek Tweak -- now i get it!

Tweaking, tweeking: So Friday night I was driving a vanload of high school kids through the “Open ’til 1 am” McDonald’s drivethrough. As we pulled toward the speaker, we saw a zombie staggering ahead of us, quite purposefully staying in the drivethrough lines. Around the corner he stumbled, and we pulled up to give our order — only to have the girl interrupt us and ask us to wait. We figured the zombie must have been at the window, and she confirmed this when she came back to complete our order. He was dragging off as we pulled around to the window. Imagine our surprise, when he turned and headed back to the window,  to see that he wasn’t actually undead, as he appeared from behind. Just a really drunk white guy

“Or maybe he’s tweeking,” said the boy in the shotgun seat. Wait! what’s that mean? I insisted, and after some frantic hushing, I understood it to mean “in a state of having used marijuana.” An adjective, not a verb, as one would expect from the form? Yes, they confirmed, equivalent to the archaic, stone-age “stoned.”

Urban Dictionary, however, calls it all about meth, which makes more sense. Let’s hope this means our boys really don’t know nuthin bout no drug use yet.

"Who's that tripping over my bridge!" Paul Galdone's very scary troll.

Trolling: When I was a kid, this would have referred to what the SC State Patrolman was doing under that highway overpass, lying in wait for my dad to speed by. My mother said they lived under bridges, like the troll in the Three Billygoats Gruff.  ‘trolman, get it? 

In college, this would have been what our friend Bruce was doing in bars, trolling for some … dates, I suppose.

More recently, it’s what Jaffner does to piss people off online.

But my kids beg to differ. Trolling is what the GYSO boys say to me in the minivan that makes me not believe a word out of their mouths. They’ve burned me so many times I’ve quit responding at all. It’s when Tom and his pals set their not-so-smart classmates up for a fall. A prank, generally a verbal one, The Littles say. So definition 2 here at Urban Dictionary.

At one point some in a discussion about the word this weekend, a carload of kids refused to believe that trolls sing (I can’t remember how we got there), despite my insistence that they do so in The Hobbit.  Here’s proof!



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5 responses to “Tweeking and trolling through the weekend

  1. Warren Lawson

    Yeah I think they were wrong about tweaking. I’ve only heard that used about heavy tripping on bad drugs. And trolling is trole-ing, not trawl-ing. I’d say that’s the distinguishing factor.

  2. jennofark

    Tweaking is definitely associated with meth.

    Trolling, on the other hand, is a term that defines a person who posts to blogs, message boards, etc. for no purpose other than to attract attention to themselves, drag the conversation off-topic, or generally disrupt and keep others from having a conversation. The defining characteristic of a troll is that they are not trying to make a point so much as to just fling turds. There is a sub-set of troll known as the “concern troll” who adopts a “more in sorrow than anger” pose. Some of the best-known concern trolls are to be found in the New York Times; both Brooks and Friedman have been known to adopt this pose. Another sub-type of troll is the “copypasta troll”, who merely copies very long blocks of text from other sources and pastes them into comments sections in order to disrupt conversation.

    And I do not troll blogs. There is a vast difference between saying things that people would rather not hear in the course of making a legitimate and sincere argument and just posting insults or off-topic ephemera in order to disrupt.

    • BDay

      Oh, come on…I’ve seen you bait people before.

      BTW, I like Brooks more and more every week.

      • jennofark

        Again, there’s a difference between baiting and trolling. It’s entirely possible to bait someone in the midst of a good-faith argument just on the basis of the argument they’ve made. That’s not the same as trolling. Though I will cop to being extremely insulting to those who are clearly not arguing in good faith or who are not really making any point whatsoever but just insulting others.

        Brooks is a tool. I can understand having some sort of admiration for the skillful way in which he deploys his bullshit, but bullshit is still bullshit even when it’s dressed up in fancy words. YMMV, of course.

  3. BDay

    And you fell for both of those hookline&sinker.

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