Vocabulary development

I’m learning an entirely new language at my new job. Things like systems of teacher effectiveness. MDC and LDC (which have nothing to do with developing countries). Outcomes-based funding.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we’re operating on a much less abstract level. Tom mumbles something ’bout “Cause she ratchet.” What! Ratched? What’s it mean? Does it have something to do with women’s butts? (My Mom reaction to most rap songs.)   “Janky,” Warren yells down the stairs. I heard skanky. You mean like ‘wretched,’  I ask?  “JANKY,” he yells, giving me yet another word to define.

Tom says he can’t explain it, has to show me the video. I fear I will see women’s butts. Instead, it makes me hap-pay, and explains the term far better than Urban Dictionary.



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2 responses to “Vocabulary development

  1. This sounds like something Dexter would have said….

  2. Warren Lawson

    This is lovely. I really like the video.

    Rachet isn’t one I use much. I hear it at school every once and a while, but not a lot. I use janky all the time, though. It means sketchy, imperfect, lacking in some way.

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