Color happy

One day I will put all these kitchen pics in order — but here you can enjoy the time-lapsed progress of just one day.

All of a sudden the cul-de-sac was full of trucks again. Counters, appliances and electric. Most of what’s left is hooking things up and fixing mistakes.

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Light — morning v night, flash v no flash, lights on v off — makes a huge, wonderful difference.



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6 responses to “Color happy

  1. I’m diggin’ it. Those are some bloo-hoo-hoo cabinets. I would have never thought up this color scheme in my head, but it looks wonderful.

  2. BDay, it is BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to see it in person (guess that means a trip to ATL soon 🙂

  3. jennofark


  4. Debbie Sywak

    Ahhhh yes, the pleasure we gain from spotless shiny countertops. Void of life. How we enjoy them for the 5 or so minutes that we can peer into them and see our reflection as the sunshines upon them. What a marvelous invention, never at a loss for where to put something or where to find it. Now, there is a place for your purse, your keys, the mail, the newspaper, briefcase, groceries, dirty dishes that don’t quite make it to the dishwasher, cheese wrappers, ramen noodle wrappers, paper towels used to almost wipe up the spilled milk that seeped under your purse and remained hidden until the “the great race” for work began due to that faulty alarm clock. Let us not forget the coffee pot that brews at exactly the right moment every morning bringing a bright smile to your face, welcoming the new day with wonder and optimism ( okay that was a little over the top). And as the sun begins to set on the seventh day there is a hush that falls over the kitchen, a beautiful silence, and as you make your way to the comfort and warmth of your cozy bed you gaze one last time at what has accumulated on your once shiny countertops and realize, tomorrow is another day. I still haven’t seen your new kitchen but it looks beautiful!

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