Fire yesterday, water today. And yet, a sad story.

It’s finally, really, almost finished. Fire yesterday, water today. As of tonight, I can cook over an open flame, put stuff down the disposal, and use the dishwasher. No more Teflon-coated electric wok, no more washing dishes in the shower, right?

So I stopped at the store on the way home from a very long day at work to get beer so I could have my favorite supper: beer and popcorn. But not only could I not find any popcorn, I couldn’t find the popcorn popper either. Good thing there were two episodes of Glee on the DVR to console me.

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All that’s left is screwing in the pulls, finding some damn undercounter lights, and punch list things. Oh, yeah, and finding a table to fit the completely bizarre space for it.

There are mistakes, that’s for sure. But I really can’t believe how wonderful it is. The blue is perfect, and the main excuse for the whole thing — no counter space — is really, truly, much improved. Seems like there’s a place to put something down everywhere I turn.



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5 responses to “Fire yesterday, water today. And yet, a sad story.

  1. jennofark

    What about the backsplash?

    • BDay

      Yeah, gotta do that, too. But I always planned to wait ’til the rest was finished for that.

      So at what level should I do it? Bottom of the counters? Bottom of the window? Or somewhere in between?

  2. Evelyn

    It looks terrific Beth. The refrigerator looks so big. My built in is much smaller. You did a beautiful job.

  3. jane

    looks great! Congrats!

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