And the show itself was Fabulous, too

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It’s been probably a decade since I’ve seen the Bs. Their shows got so recorded and boring there for a while.  In 1997 (I know because I had to take the breast pump with me), Kyle and I saw them in Athens at the Colliseum, and then at some point there was a show at Lakewood with Jimmy and Janie. Walking out of that show in 1997, Kyle and I said, “We’ll probably be like 50 and still going to see the B-52s.” Let’s make that 60 now, OK?

This one was all the fun, and mostly from the first two albums. They opened with Wig and then played Mesopotamia (!), Private Idaho and Lava. Dance This Mess Around, 52 Girls, Love Shack, Roam. Only one song, I think, from that awful last album. Encore was Planet Claire and Rock Lobster.

It has been many years since I’ve been as  ecstatic as I was last night during Planet Claire. Today, my old-lady feet hurt.

Fred was bored and Keith is pointless. Kate is a Goddess, absolutely beautiful and a perfect stage presence.

But I think the person having the most fun of the evening was Cindy Wilson. She just seemed so happy to be there making that music and being adored by what was a very adoring crowd.


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One response to “And the show itself was Fabulous, too

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    This was so nice of you Beth! Thanks for doing this for my Aunt!!!! We all had such a good time. It was so much fun hanging out with you and I hope to see you again really soon!!!

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