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What are words worth?

Click to watch the video interview. Which has nothing to do with the really misleading headline.

Well of course David Byrne is all sonicky. But the headline on this Web piece is certainly not warranted by the content of the interview. After all, this is the man who wrote more than one of my 10 top favorite lines.
“Havin sex and eatin cereal. Wearin jeans and smokin cigarettes now.”

“I never watch TV except when I’m stoned. Like humans do.”

And pretty much all of this one, from “The less we say about it the better” to “share the same space for a minute or two.”

Yes, the pleasure of these lines is in the phrasing. But with Byrne the juxtaposition of images and phrases creates beauty and meaning — without a coherent narrative, necessarily. People might ignore the lyrics while they’re dancing, but the songs would not be as lovely without them.

I did love, in this interview, hearing Byrne express that electric excitement of hearing something totally new …

“The sound of it struck me as I’ve never heard anything like that before in my life, and somehow the fact that it was different than anything else I’d heard meant that somehow it was speaking to me. I felt like oh, there’ s another world out there. This is a little tiny piece of it. And it’s speaking to me and other people like me and we’re connected by this type of music.”

And wow, is the news in this piece buried or what? Another new album already, out Tuesday: “Here Lies Love,” a collaboation with Fatboy Slim … and Cyndi Lauper … and Tori Amos? And it’s apparently all about our friend Imelda Marcos.


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When is being innovative gonna get stale?

Stephen Colbert made David Byrne laugh — hard. “Very few of my interviews get this deep,” Colbert said.

Did you know David Byrne does embroidery?

Did you know David Byrne does embroidery?

And they did the chair song! (“Life is Long,” closest Byrne has gotten so far to an actual yodel, I think.)

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Heaven . . . is a place . . . where nothing. . . ever happens

Dancers! Three dancers took the place of a horn section in David Byrne’s show tonight at Chastain. They were choreographed yet improvisational. Joyful! The music was moving them. And it worked. All of Chastain was up and dancing, the way it should be.

They played one song where everyone sat in chairs. The three backup singers sat in sort of folding lawn / soccer chairs. The rest were in swiveling office chairs with rollers. Too fun!

It was so good I’m thinking of driving somewhere to see it again. Never been to Nashville. . .

Everyone was in Mr. Clean white, with bright colored lights alternating on a soft-paneled white background. Byrne’s voice has gotten so strong over the years and become an amazing instrument.

I took pictures, but I have no idea how to get them off my phone and it looks like they suck anyway. Here’s a nice piece, with photos, by someone who was obviously paying more attention than me. I was dancing and singing. Go watch this video from a few days earlier in PA, with I Zimbra and the chair song. 

Set list included I Zimbra, Heaven, Life During Wartime, Take Me to the River. Half the show was from new album composed with Brian Eno. I’m off to download that right now . . .

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