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BDay’s Concert Calendar for February

Feb. 7: Warren‘s Honor Band Concert

Feb. 12: Galactic at Variety.
No idea who this is, but Davey Doke says it’s a must, so we’re there.

Unfortunately, this means I will miss the Squirrelheads very close-to-home Mardi Gras party.

Feb. 13: Flogging Molly at Tabernacle.
I will not be there. I hate it, but I can’t risk missing the Brooks’ Hallmark Day party and ending up on the B list next year.

Feb. 19: That 1 Guy at the Five Spot.
Hey, it’ll be my 3rd time to see That 1 Guy!

Feb. 20: Hackensaw Boys at Smith’s Olde Bar

Feb. 27: Suburban Angst at Spudz Tavern
Pal Randy Agnew gets his groove on.

March 5&6: They Might Be Giants at Variety
This is a definite maybe. Never seen them before, not a big fan, but why not, since the Schroeders are doing it?

March 9
Clapton and Daltrey. If I’m not mistaken, this at that big barn in Gwinnett County.
I’m not going, but everyone else I know is, including Max, who’s taking Warren.

April 30
Mother’s Finest at Sidelines (The Local) again.
It’ll probably sell out next week. If not, I just might be there again.



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