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Praise be to Gaby and Terrence

be very afraid

So late last night I talked Gaby and Terrence into taking my ticket and escorting the 15-year-olds to Megadeth. (I almost threw in beer money.) I think I could’ve handled Megadeth, but there were two ominously named opening acts that I just didn’t think I could make it through.

They got fabulous Concert Camper service — I dropped them off at the door, headed for the office, and am waiting to pick them up when it’s over.

Update They had an absolute blast. Max came home with a guitar pick. The big boys (Gaby and Terrence) had even more fun than the 15-year-olds, I think. Warren keeps telling me I would have liked it, but I think after a few chortles (yes, Allison, chortles!) I would have been done with it.



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