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It … is …. EEEvile!

worse than Axe!

I have suffered off and on the past week from the deadly privet headache, which does not respond to analgesics. So much so that I’ve had to retreat indoors and roll up the car windows. I can smell my neighbors’ Ligustrum hedge when I open the front door, and I can taste the noxious stuff when the stench wafts in through my sunroof.

My mother used to cut the blooms off of the ones behind our house growing up. She said it was because it attracted wasps. This year, because of the wet winter, I suppose, the stuff is more awful than ever.



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Your weekend MomVan

And so lacrosse ends and transitions into spring football. I enjoyed lax and hope Tom plays again next spring.

sweaty little boys

Inhale deeply. Savor the scent of stinky kid and well seasoned equipment.

Tom takes his mother's fixation with signage to new lows.

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“The bane of parental olfactory nerves”

The New York Times gets in my bubble this morning — yea, in my very minivan!

For Tween Boys, Masculinity in a Spray Can >

My superpower is smell, and I really cannot abide this stuff. I have made kids get out of my car before. Some of the Bigs are still guilty of this now and again. The Littles got kicked out of Walgreen’s the other week for having an Axe fight in the aisles.

ew-ew that smell! the smell of Axe around you!

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