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A very good day

My very good day started off like this. Yummy.

I think the last time I had one of these there was a kickoff involved.

I think the last time I had one of these there was a kickoff involved.

Now, you know that means my very good day also included a nap. As do all very good days at my age.

Amy’s surprise 40th birthday brunch. Everyone’s loyal, caring, amazing, Amy-able superhero role model rock star was very surprised and took home  a good haul of gifties.

After said nap, I snuck to the movies, finally. Zombieland was at the dollar theater and it was just the funnest movie I’ve seen in ages. Loved the slo-mo scenes at the beginning, and especially the list graphics and narration throughout.

I don’t know what’s up with me and the zombie movies. They are gruesome and jumpy and make me afraid to drive home in the dark. But I can’t stay away from them, and this one was a rollicking good time. Watch this, then go rent it and turn it up loud.

Other good things ensued, until finally it was time to pick up Warren and friends. And I think it’s pretty cool they have this place: an all-ages venue for locals to try out their noise on a real live audience.  Check out the vocal talent on this one (and yes, I think he said “A Beating Heart in Cold Hands.” which would be the only thing he said that you can repeat on a nice family-oriented blog like this one):

The weird thing is, the place is in the strip center me, Jaffner and Lyta used to walk to when we were kids. Right between where the Majik Market and North Cobb Drugs once were. Life comes full circle for homebodies.

Best of all, I had H. Johnson’s Jazz Classics to get me through waiting for the kids in the parking lot, where I was creeped out that zombies might come crashing through my window any minute. (Though Warren did text me to take a peek inside. “come in. you’ll think this is funny. hahahaha” Just a few numbers  were enough for me.)  Jazz Classics is the perfect way to end a very good Saturday, carrying me through this post and all the way til 2 a.m. I’ve had a nap. I think I’ll hang with H. until he’s done.


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