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Happy St. Pogues Day (Body of an American)

That sublime moment that combines the world’s best TV show with the world’s best Irish punk. Click the photo to hear Body of an American. 


The actual McNulty wake scene is here >    

When cops die on The Wire, they get The Pogues:

The earlier wake with Body of an American at the end > 

And some Sally MacLennane (Far Away!) to puke by > 

And, if there are any fans out there of both the Pogues and The Wire, here’s an interesting bit > 


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A new purpose in life

I once knew a girl whose life goal was to play the accordion. I hope Marguerite achieved that. I may change my own musical aspiration from wanting to grow up to be Michael Lachowski to wanting to play the accordion. Mexican polka, klezmer, European polkas, cowboy tunes, Brave combo, more polkas  .  .  . What could be more satisfying than being able to play that one-(wo)man instrument?

I’ll tell you what: playing it in an Irish slampunk band with a banjo and tin whistle. Transcendent. Iridescent! as Shane McGowan called Spider Stacey’s whistle tonight at the Pogues show at the Tabernacle.  (I believe the direct quote was “all iridescent-like.” Or was it “incandescent”?) Anyway, that combination and their poetry is truly some of my favorite music on the planet.

Thanks to Kyle for this link to great AJC.com photos.  Here’s someone else’s video from the show: 

Steamy hot, like August in a Baptist church, except with a bunch of white 40-year-olds reliving their drunk past. It was like a big, bouncy Irish sing-along. There was a bit of rowdiness for old-times sake, from the crowd (some guy bounced up on the stage and dived back into the crowd) and from the stage (tossing of mic stands and banging of heads). Really my only complaint was that it was so packed I couldn’t get far enough down into the crowd and there wasn’t quite enough room to dance. You need a lot of room to dance to the Pogues.

They were clearly enjoying making this fabulous music again, especially Stacey.  It wasn’t a particularly long show. McGowan is alive, apparently with new teeth, but he moves like a 75-year old man, whether because of his current state of wastedness or the wear and tear of all those years of it. Still, there was nothing they didn’t play that I missed terribly. Second encore was Fiesta! baby. All (and more than) I could hope for.


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Who’s in?

After a long dry spell comes a flood of shows I hate to miss. Who wants to join me?

Flogging Molly
March 4, Tabernacle
I may skip this one, but I could be persuaded . . . 

Modest Mouse
March 7, Tabernacle  
Saw them open for R.E.M. last summer and would be glad to see them again. 

poguemahoneThe Pogues
March 9, Tabernacle
Mr. Fuss has spoken for my extra ticket. Get your own if you want to come with. 

Victor Wooten
March 20, Variety
Doke introduced the 14-year-olds to this and, after only one beer, I promised to take them. I think Bruce Springsteen said he’s in, too.

nekocase2Neko Case
April 2, Variety
Wouldn’t miss this for all the world. I just hope the Sadies are with her.  She has a new album in a few weeks.

That 1 Guy
April 3, 5 Spot
Too fun. Must go again. You won’t regret it if you come along. 

Afro Cuban All-Stars
April 4, Variety 
Doke and the Martinez Boyz say they’re in.

Robyn Hitchcock
April 7, Variety
I guess this is a bit much for one week. I probably won’t make this one. 



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The Pogues have perked up this day. Popped ’em in when I was parked in traffic this a.m. and then found all-new (to me) kindred people later in the day via Pandora — Black 47s, the Young Dubliners, Tossing Molly and best of all this fabulous album by the piss behind the Pogues, Shane Macgowan.

I’ve been marching and swinging my head to and fro’ all day. If anyone finds this CD, the Snake, for me for less than $40, cross me off your Christmas list.

Never forget it folks, because it never fails. You start drinking . . . it gets dark on you.


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