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Who needs Watershed?

Miller Union, thanks to Kyle’s recommendation from way up yonder. They had ginger-blueberry soda ($3.50) and also a fig-herb one. (I didn’t try them; hearing about them was delicious enough.) I ordered the veggie plate without even asking what was on it. It wasn’t an inexpensive lunch for 2, but it was worth every penny.

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Another day, another veggie plate

Talk about exceeding expectations. The "farmers market vegetable plate" from Seasons 52, which is known for its small portions. I was ashamed to leave 2/3 of this on the plate, because it was good. That's tofu with tomato tapenade at the bottom. And some sort of root vegetable upper right.

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Southern summer supper (Hello, world! am I back?)

Zippers and crookneck squash with deelish Vidalia onions from Jaemor Farms. Pierce's tomatoes. And OK, the rice is leftover from Mirage, but maybe it's a southern Iran kind of rice. That is one pretty plate.

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Change is hard

closest thing to a veggie plate on Watershed's menu

“What’s seasonal vegetable farroto?” I asked our server.  I was hoping farroto meant veggie plate. This was good: farro with a cream sauce over barely wilted kale with nice peas, over-roasted cauliflower and assorted ‘shrooms. And a perfect small lunch portion. But it’s not this.

“I don’t like change,” said my lunch colleague, who was looking for the salmon croquettes on the new menu, which seemed to me to have a lot of  fried seafood. (I never liked those salmon croquettes anyway. My own are better.) But honestly, the new chef wasn’t doing very well with the old menu. And Farm Burger next door is eating their lunch. It has a line out the door while Watershed sits almost empty.


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Loverly veggies

The other night I roasted some beets for my dinner. Look how pretty!

Kyle says it’s OK to cut them up, so I sliced them and wrapped them in foil and it didn’t take too long. (I prefer them roasted plain rather than with garlic, etc. as Kyle instructs.) And I cooked the greens like Kyle says. Those took a lot longer than I thought — i imagined like wilting spinach, but it’s more like cooking greens. At first they smelled like awful floral perfume, but they ended up tasting very good. No meal of mine is complete with out mushrooms, and I added some asparagus so my pee wouldn’t just be red from the beets but would smell funny as well … I think I’ll go have leftover beets for breakfast.

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Best vegetable plate ever!

Don’t want to leave this on a negative note, so here’s one I didn’t get to while I’ve been not-blogging (one day I might have time to tell you why).

Met Kyle and Neil at Carver’s Country Kitchen a few weeks ago while they were in town. My second trip to what I think may be the best plate in town.

Perfect collards. Acceptable butterbeans. Biscuit (there's honey on the table). Amazingly complex sweet potatoes. Yummy broccoli casserole that makes even me choose broccoli casserole.

Kyle's plate. Same as mine except he had mac & cheese and jalepeno cornbread.

For you chicketarians, though, check this out. Carver’s calls them Dolly Pardon (sic) breasts. Unbelievably huge. Neil and Kyle said it was delicious. (“How do they do that!” is how Kyle put it.) Neil also figured out the bread choice, which is good since I didn’t like the cornbread I had last time or the biscuit. He had some kind of fabulous cheese bread that I will choose next time. Which I hope is very soon. Looking at these pictures is making me hongry.

He loves big breasts and he cannot lie.

Kyle’s more timely take on the same meal >

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Worst vegetable plate ever


Salty greens that taste like MSG and a hint of lemon pepper, brown rice with salty, lemon-peppery gravy, salty black-eyed peas with lemon pepper, very plain sweet potatoes that didn't taste like lemon pepper. Also, yucky broccoli casserole they brought as an error. It was salty and tasted like lemon pepper. Huge portions. I hope they compost because I didn't eat it.


Greenwoods on Green Street in Roswell has the worst vegetable plate EVAH! This is the third time I’ve eaten there, always with many years between visits. This place gets written up everywhere — I think it must have particularly good friend chicken. And it has great big ol’ pie, too. Cute place, cute neighborhood. Bad service and bad food, though.

Well maybe just bad veggies. Butler loved his shrimp and grits, which came with delicious Parmesan-cheese toast, and Terri said her crab cake was very crabby. Virginia had pork chops. Seasoned with lemon pepper.


VA's sliver of coconut creme pie


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