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My brother the Good Do Bee (more Challenge Day)

Watching CobbEdTV’s piece on Challenge Day (narrated by our hero Starlet), I am struck by what a fine upstanding citizen my brother is. Somebody must’ve raised him right. He’s volunteered for this both years — an entire day off work, plus bringing AV supplies — and I’ll bet he’s there next year, too.  He doesn’t have a kid at this school and doesn’t have to do this, but he recognizes how important it is in the lives of these children.


Click the pic, then "East Cobb Middle Schoolers Challenge One Another"

If you want to be a Good Do Bee, too, let me remind you that  we are glad to accept your donation to continue this important work for next year’s 7th graders. It costs about $35 per kid, and we raise every bit of it from people like you. Click here and give us what you will.


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Be the Change

Settle down for six minutes and watch this video. It’s what I will be doing today at East Cobb Middle School.

Warren’s class of 7th graders did Challenge Day last year and they are a changed group. (As are the volunteers like me who went through the program with them.) You’ve never seen a group of kids so different from one another get along so well and be so self-assured. 

Last year I was emotionally exhausted at the end of the day, and I imagine I will be today, too.


You know that Margaret Mead quote about one person making a difference? Starlet Riviere, a mother and a volunteer, single-handedly inspired a school community to undertake this massive endeavor, raise the money to do it, and maintain the energy to keep it alive after Challenge Day week.

We should all be a little more like Starlet.


PS: If you like what you see and are inspired yourself, please go here and PayPal our Foundation a contribution to keep this going.

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