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You know I love a parade

Gotta get my sister below the fold there, so here are your annual September parade pictures. How fun that the East Cobber — that  suburban confection– comes just one week after Dragon*Con, land of the weird and home of the nerd-who-idealizes-the-brave. I love them both with all my heart.

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Someone’s in the kitchen with Lyta

I have just spent two — or more — days cooking with my favorite kitchen pal. Here are a few things I heard. (“My family’s just full of them,” she says.)

“There’s a tumble bug for every turd.”

“She’s got her pucker string pulled too tight.”

“Quit assling around!”

“That’s just picking the fly shit out of the pepper.”

And during just a few minutes of chatting with Celia …

“They have TV. They know how to act.”

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Righteous Xmas

OK, I don’t know whether to go with bad videos, annoying songs, or the great playlist of Christmas songs I love… but you asked for it folks, so here goes …

Click it. I double-dog dare you.

And here’s a little something for those of you who are still stuck in The ’80s (which, btw, I am no longer) … I wonder if Gunter modeled our all-time fave on this one?

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It’s summer!

Let the sleepovers begin!

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More fun than a Rattlesnake Roundup!

Maybe the reason I love Freebird is that I’m a redneck at heart. This looks like fun — I may make the trek to Dublin some year for it, but I don’t think we’ll be home from the left coast in time this year.

Thanks to Paul C., who claims this annual festival is why …

“… at least five out of ten people I grew up with from Dublin and East Dublin claim to be from somewhere else. The other five are somewhere in this video.”

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Happy, happy birthday to me

We all know I drive like a PTA mother … and have been known to bring draft beer in a plastic cup …  though I wish I were Jewish, not Catholic.

Most of all, I always feel thankful for the small things.

If you love me anyway, give a little love to the East Cobb Middle School Foundation. I’ve given my time to a lot of things, but this one means the most to me. Help us bring Challenge Day back for Tom’s class.


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Cubbie’s grand winter holidays. There were a lot of people in the house for two weeks, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. With no more toddlers around, all cameras were focused on puppy pics.

"Who's here now!" Cubbie the party dog.

"But it had my name on it!" She kept unwrapping her present from the Twentysomething.

Christmas Eve: new toy

no idea that the party's just getting rolling

Christmas Day with Cuzzin Quark

"Does he even know I'm here?"

"How come he gets to get on the sofa?"

Koda, the world's softest snow dog.

basement dwelling

Dawg dog?

lots of new toys

She shared the Hedgie for a while. Then she napped on it.

new friend


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