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So much more than a stupid human trick

New CD

Sometimes you really wonder why certain music acts succeed and others don’t. Or maybe you only wonder that if you’re me, who doesn’t listen to commercial radio and is convinced that El Vez should be headlining the biggest hotel in Las Vegas. (As if Vegas needs more camp.)

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to taking the 15-year-olds to see That 1 Guy last night at the 5 Spot. Considered dropping them off, in fact, and shopping Little 5 Points. I’d seen him twice already in the past year or so, and surely it’s like Cirque du Soleil — never as amazing as the first time?

But you know, the Guy is truly amazing. I mean, he not only engineered the Magic Pipe, he plays an electric boot. He does card tricks. And most sublimely of all, he bows “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on a saw.

His tunes are a sometimes Eastern-infused funk of goofy puns and inventive rhymes. Not a love song in the bunch. (Warren and Max contributed to the “scones” rhyme with “Attack of the Clones!” last night and were rewarded with a good-natured rant on the plot inconsistencies of said film.)

All-in-all, an incredibly entertaining show, not in the least because of his goofy pride in his rhymes and his “band members” (the Pipe, Saw, Boot, etc.). So what’s not to like? How come this guy isn’t on David Letterman and the Today Show? I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t enjoy one of his shows.

If he comes to your town, pay him a visit — “Thanks for coming out and supporting the live music, folks!”


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BDay’s Concert Calendar for February

Feb. 7: Warren‘s Honor Band Concert

Feb. 12: Galactic at Variety.
No idea who this is, but Davey Doke says it’s a must, so we’re there.

Unfortunately, this means I will miss the Squirrelheads very close-to-home Mardi Gras party.

Feb. 13: Flogging Molly at Tabernacle.
I will not be there. I hate it, but I can’t risk missing the Brooks’ Hallmark Day party and ending up on the B list next year.

Feb. 19: That 1 Guy at the Five Spot.
Hey, it’ll be my 3rd time to see That 1 Guy!

Feb. 20: Hackensaw Boys at Smith’s Olde Bar

Feb. 27: Suburban Angst at Spudz Tavern
Pal Randy Agnew gets his groove on.

March 5&6: They Might Be Giants at Variety
This is a definite maybe. Never seen them before, not a big fan, but why not, since the Schroeders are doing it?

March 9
Clapton and Daltrey. If I’m not mistaken, this at that big barn in Gwinnett County.
I’m not going, but everyone else I know is, including Max, who’s taking Warren.

April 30
Mother’s Finest at Sidelines (The Local) again.
It’ll probably sell out next week. If not, I just might be there again.


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Because he can

img00037How do you describe the indescribable? All I can say is that it must be incredibly satisfying to be That One Guy.

The show promo said this:  “. . . remarkably peculiar one-man show, applying his stand-up bass prowess to the monstrous, homemade instrument he calls The Magic Pipe, . . . a chaotic collage of galvanized steel, duct tape and electronic gadgetry, run through an array of samplers and effects boxes . . . through tales about roadkill meals, sadistic birds and showers of meat. The music sounds a bit like Soul Coughing, Tom Waits, The Neptunes and Brian Eno having a tea party on the moon.”

Well, I have no idea who The Neptunes are, but That One Guy says The Moon is Disgusting (It’s Made of Cheese).

My take, after my second That One Guy experience in six months: a percussive, bass-based stupid human trick of pipes, buttons, wires, surreal rhymes and scat.

Oh, and you can dance to it.

I almost went to have my toenails painted instead. I almost stayed at home to pack and do taxes.  And as always, I’m so glad I left the bubble. Thanks for going with us, Matt and Jacob.

And thank goodness for opening acts.

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Who’s in?

After a long dry spell comes a flood of shows I hate to miss. Who wants to join me?

Flogging Molly
March 4, Tabernacle
I may skip this one, but I could be persuaded . . . 

Modest Mouse
March 7, Tabernacle  
Saw them open for R.E.M. last summer and would be glad to see them again. 

poguemahoneThe Pogues
March 9, Tabernacle
Mr. Fuss has spoken for my extra ticket. Get your own if you want to come with. 

Victor Wooten
March 20, Variety
Doke introduced the 14-year-olds to this and, after only one beer, I promised to take them. I think Bruce Springsteen said he’s in, too.

nekocase2Neko Case
April 2, Variety
Wouldn’t miss this for all the world. I just hope the Sadies are with her.  She has a new album in a few weeks.

That 1 Guy
April 3, 5 Spot
Too fun. Must go again. You won’t regret it if you come along. 

Afro Cuban All-Stars
April 4, Variety 
Doke and the Martinez Boyz say they’re in.

Robyn Hitchcock
April 7, Variety
I guess this is a bit much for one week. I probably won’t make this one. 



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1-guy band


My reward for spending my Saturday night in a smoky, hot room full of adolescent males bobbing their heads up and down was getting to see the very entertaining That 1Guy open. I really loved it.

Unfortunately, I was not close enough to get a handle on the contraption he plays. Starts off like a big doghouse, but morphs into a looping, smoking, percussive, funky, mesmerizing one-man band, complete with card tricks. Here’s his own description, from an article in some Wisconsin paper,  of “the Magic Pipe.”

“It’s made of stainless steel pipes, orchestra strings, magnetic pickups, trigger sensors, wires, and duct tape,” Silverman beams. “It’s all run through my self-designed routing matrix of sound-shaping gadgets. An elegant beast bowed, plucked, strummed, and slapped, it’s played with my hands, feet, and teeth. All with maximum intensity.”

 Watch this, and if he comes to your town, go. (Even if you have to leave before Buckethead starts.)


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