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I don’t think I like ‘rasslin’ too much

Ken Brown's Mexican Wrestlers are beautiful. 

Ken Brown's Mexican Wrestlers are beautiful.

First wrestling tournament today. I don’t think I want my kid exposed to these people. I felt profoundly sorry for the boys who lost — yet there were a good many of them pitching angry crying fits who were pretty hard to feel sorry for.

But the parents were way more awful than the kids. I saw one man show a boy how to use his thumb to gouge another kid’s face. Another man was yelling at his kid to “Use your head! Jam it into his ribcage!” — and it was my kid’s ribcage he was talking about! It’s hard not to be shocked when you hear parents wanting their kids to hurt others — and really hard not to get mad when it’s your kid they’re hurting.  

Between that and the boynextdoor who dislocated and chipped his elbow in the cul-de-sac this afternoon, I’m ready for some competitive paint-by-numbers or something. Can’t we just wrap ’em up in bubble wrap until they’re 25?



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New adventures in suburban sports

‘Rasslin’, of all things. I am not lyin’. Shades of my redneck high school years. 

What is it exactly that a wrestling mom does every day? I think I have this to look forward to:

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