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One nation, mostly under a groove

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Cameras failed me last night. Probably because Connie made me laugh so hard I could barely see straight. So you’ll just have to get a sense of the haziness of the evening through this mess. (But check out the great slide show feature I just discovered accidentally! Let it go on its own, or mouseover to click through it.)

The show had its moments of one nation under the groove, but it came completely ungrooved many times. It was a long, long evening of waiting for those sublime moments of funk.


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We want the funk!                                 Give    up     the    funk!


I have been happy (and sleepy) all day long, still bouncing to the groove after last night’s PFunk show at Variety.

4-24-26-09-124Are there Parliment-Funkadelic groupies who follow George Clinton around the country like Deadheads used to trail along after the Grateful Dead? Because I, most emphatically, want to be one. (What would they be called? PFunk PFriends? Clintonites? Funk Mobsters?)

Sitting at football practice tonight (a story for another day), I looked at folks and said, “I wanna go back to PFunk again, wherever they are, right now!”

Jaffner’s been pushing Parliment-Funkadelic CDs on me for years, and I’d seen pictures and maybe some video, but I really had no idea of the par-tay that is PFunk. And I’d most certainly never had the pleasure of being a part of it.

Words, mine at least, cannot describe the evening. After being in the hall for just a few minutes before the show, I looked at E. and said, “Everyone’s so happy to be here!” Folks were beaming and chatting with people they didn’t know, dancing to the piped-in tunes.  One of the best things about Variety is that the audience is so different for each show. This was the most diverse crowd I’ve seen there — not just black and white, but old and young. One nation under a groove, indeed.

4-24-26-09-073Took forever for the show to start and then forever for Clinton to come out– all foreplay for the raunchy anyting-goes party on the stage for the next few hours.  During the last number, I think the entire audience was holding its breath hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.

By the end of the night there must’ve been 50 people on that stage. I would have counted them, but they wouldn’t stand still.

Seriously more fun than ought to be legal on a Sunday night.

Sorry about the bounce in the middle. They said jump! I said, how high?

(Here’s somebody’s backstage pre-party video with a dissertation on neckbones)

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