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Soundtrack: laughing clarinet

try it. It'll make you want to dance.

Try it. You won't be able to keep yourself from dancing.

When I have a desk day and need a little energy, there’s nothing like some klezmer to pick me up. All those laughing clarinets and crying violins! Waltzes and polkas! faster and faster! I alternate between chair dancing and a resurgence in Bethelehem Daystein’s inexplicable lifelong urge to convert. Klezmer is No. 1 on my AOL Radio presets. 


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Internet radio makes me happy!

Oh joy! AccuRadio has a Rogers & Hammerstein station.

Today I relived my childhood — I whistled a happy tune, washed that man right out of my hair, climbed every mountain, and sang every word of “Impossible!” with Leslie Ann Warren.
Once upon a time, boys and girls, there were no DVDs, not even VCRs! We had to wait for a movie to come on TV at the whim of programmers.
But my dad had this reel-to-reel tape player and hooked it up to record the audio from movies like the Sound of Music, Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz and that old TV Cinderella movie with the wonderful songs. Every word in every song in those movies is like part of our DNA from listening to them over and over again. (Does anyone remember the rubber stoppers that held the reels on the machine? My absolute favorite toy as a child.)
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