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A 50th, a 35th … and more fun than I’ve had in (my very advanced) ages

So much fun, in fact, that I’m actually making a blog post to share the photos.

Janie’s 50th birthday, and the B-52s’ Atlanta stop on their 35th anniversary tour happened to coincide yesterday. Wait … this is Janie’s day, and we know that everything happens for a reason, and that this must be a sign.

A sign to have a blast. I was lucky enough fated to be invited to join the Hightower-Vickers-Hendrix genepool for an outing to the Fabulous Fox in a Faincy Limousine for Fabulous Seats to see the Bs.

Janie put on big pink hair. At least 10 groups asked to have their photo taken with her. Wish we’d thought to charge them.

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The world is full of new music. Some of which is old.

From the soundrack to the forthcoming This Must Be the Place movie…

From stalking Richard’s Spotify habits …

From some random link on NPR Music … (click it)

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Naive melody

Very excited about this movie named for my favorite song. IMDB says March 12. If anyone sees it playing, let me know.

And here it looks like a self-referential road movie, with buildings and cars that would make Byrne proud ..

Our hero Byrne’s role…

I’m loving the soundtrack already >

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Mister Doctor: Boys making noise

Don’t you envy me getting to listen to this while they’re practicing? Seriously, it’s great having a house full of live tunes.

I must say, The Mom in Me really wishes Warren would make up the beds before he fills the room with people — and especially before The Girl Next Door records them for YouTube.

I asked them what they’ve been listening to that their music sounds so happy ’80s. “I listen to a lot of funk,” Warren said. “Cameron listens to Hendrix.”

“I listen to DeathCore,” (or some such angry dark Metal) says Danny B. Tarik? Dubstep, I think, and T-Buck seems to like old hair bands.

How they got here I have no idea, but I like it.

Facebook page >


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A URL of pure joy

Inquiring minds want to know….was that a squirrel in his pocket? And, Kyle, why Tri Sigma? Anyone know what that bumper sticker says?

OK, it’s not Pylon, but with Mitch Easter on stage, a shout-out to Peter Holsapple and Let’s Active, and the thought of a R.E..M. cover of What’s New Pussycat?, I can’t imagine this getting any better. My only gripe is that whoever was wielding that camera didn’t get near enough Pete Buck, who, at this point in time, was at least half the show.



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Finally there are some shows on my calendar, starting with Galactic tonight at Variety. I regret more than you can imagine missing the first song by the opening band — Orgone. Face-meltingly whoa…

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Seeing an amazing opening band you’ve never heard of is one of the great joys of life, isn’t it? This might be the best since Joe Henry stunned me opening for David Byrne.

I cannot find any decent videos online and was too close to take any myself (E got there before we did, so you know we were at the stage.) So you’ll just have to join me March 3 at the 5 Spot. How will they fit all that funk in that tiny space? Where, btw, we missed That 1 Guy tonight to see Galactic. We made the right choice.

My new BFF the iPhone failed me. It wouldn’t upload photos from Variety to FB. Guess I’ll have to play with it some tomorrow to figure out why. But the pictures are much better than BlackBerry pictures, don’t you think?

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Warren and Frieda can explain why it works, musically. I just love to play it while I am working.


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