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The true meaning of Christmas

All praise my brother, who took these great photos — and drove the Concert Camper after staying out late in a smoky bar. We bused in a good baker’s dozen from the ‘burbs. One of my favorite things about the evening was Gaby grinning ear-to-ear, receiving the spirit of Christmas. He is my only rival for president of the El Vez fan club.

For once, I don’t have much to say that can’t be shown in pictures and videos. Santa was sportin’ a few new suits. There were also new songs, which I didn’t expect, and he used the Los Straitjackets arrangements of a several others. I loved seeing Los Straitjackets for the first time, and how El Vez played the whole thing as two very different bands trying to learn to play together.

I’ll let those who were there weigh in with comments. But first, a few videos:

More videos from Butler . . .

Little Drummer Boy/Come on Come on >

Santa and Candy Canes >

ElVettes intro >



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VD post III: Hallmark Day Hoedown


aren't they just semi-precious?

aren't they just semi-precious?



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Me: a bit obsessed with a current fashion trend.


Just click and go make your own.

Just click and go make your own.

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Pink pales in comparison


Bow to the King of Converse


My powder pinks are nothing next to these.
(For one thing, Max has really big feet.)
 Even the twins’ pair loses out to The Who Shoes.
Can someone send me a picture of Stephanie’s red high tops, the real sentimental favorite?


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Luck and money

Kyle has posted lots of pics of our food from yesterday  (and a separate entry for dessert). The yummiest (most fattening, most heart unhealthy) food of the year.  I know greens are to bring prosperity (money) in the new year, and black-eyed peas are for luck. I’ve also heard that the peas are for coins and sweet potatoes are for gold. What’s the pork do for us, though? And is there a reason for the cornbread other than to sop up the pot likker?

It’s fun having so many different people at one time — everyone from mothers and siblings to neighbors to long lost friends moved away but home for the holidays. I just wish my house would expand two or three times a year to be big enough for everyone to be comfortable. 

Here are some of the recipes. 

Seriously good coconut pound cake > (PDF)

Funky-tastin’ stuff (eggplant clam casserole) > (PDF)

Apple-cranberry streusel > (PDF)


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