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Another day, another veggie plate

Talk about exceeding expectations. The "farmers market vegetable plate" from Seasons 52, which is known for its small portions. I was ashamed to leave 2/3 of this on the plate, because it was good. That's tofu with tomato tapenade at the bottom. And some sort of root vegetable upper right.


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Dontcha just love the Daily Mail? I mean, these are the things we really care about, our real kitchen-table issues. I’ve seen eggplants that look like accidental dongs and plenty of pears that made my kids giggle about ample women’s behinds.

Shoot, I’ll be there’s a blog out there that chronicles them. If not, let’s start one. How ’bout VeggieMorphs for a title?

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I’m willing to admit there may be a slight chance I’m just a tad obsessed.

People are having chemo, ruptured discs, foot surgery, etc. So I’m cooking.

squash, green beans, lady peas, okra & tomatoes

And I also made pound cakes, and the damned cookies for my sister, and brown rice, because tomorrow I’m making broccoli-cauliflower casserole. Somehow or another. And I suppose this meal needs some cornbread, doesn’t it?


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irrational fear of veggies?Your word of the day. Brit chick claims an actual phobia of vegetables.

I can see irrational fear of spiders, heights — even meat. But not beauteous veggies.

“As an invented word, there’s nothing to say you can’t be both more creative and exact in defining your child’s specific fear by sticking Latin or Greek sounding words on at the end as, say Lachanophobia Brussel Sproutus . . . more >

I’m not buying it. What about you?

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Mad vegetable skillz

The reward for the job of chopping vegetables: look at all those beautiful colors!

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